The Wiegand Foundation, Inc.

    This foundation is a public benefit non-profit corporation, organized for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and specifically, to create, collect, and make available to patriotic, civic, and educational organizations works of art memorializing notable accomplishments by individuals andorganizations in the areas of national defense, science, technology, and health and human services;
to assist patriotic, civic and educational organizations to incorporate such works of art in their educational, awards and recognition programs;
to establish and develop museum facilities and outdoor displays devoted to the exhibition of such works of art;
to establish and develop educational programs focusing on the historic and contemporary contribution of fine arts to the patriotic and cultural heritage of the people of the United States;
to raise and manage funding and expenditures for advancement of its patriotic and educational programs;
to consult with all interested parties in order to achieve the widest possible public awareness of, and interest in and support for its patriotic and educational programs.

Board of Directors

    Don F. Wiegand - President

    Paul Harris - Secretary

    Arthur W. Becker - Treasurer

    DeeAnn Wilson-Wright - Member

Board of Directors Emeritus

    Stuart Symington, Jr.

The Wiegand Foundation, Inc. Honors

    Catherine (Kitty) Wiegand Cuquet

    1908 - 1988

    George Wiegand

    1909 - 1948

    Frank William Wiegand

    1910 - 2003

    Martin Wiegand

    1912 - 1972

    Walter Wiegand

    1914 - 1993

    Rosemary Wiegand Bischan

    1916 - 1984

    James Daniel Wiegand

    1918 - 1964

Photo Credits

    Dave Ulmer
    Jim Crosby

The Wiegand Foundation, Inc.
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